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This is from my friend Meg Hannan from Rag Sky Art Studios. I own many of her fabulous fiber pieces. As the holidays draw near I hope you will find it in your hearts to share a little of your bounty with a fellow fiber artist who is not as bountiful right now. Happy Holidays

If we all just put $5 in an envelope and send it out, it would help so much.

Greetings Dear Friends,

THANK YOU so very much for all your love and support! My heart is touched deeply by your generosity and kindness. As your donations and letters came in, with each one, I wept in gratitude, feeling you reaching out to me in this way during such a vulnerable time.

Thanks to your gifts, Help Rag Sky Rise Anew at is currently at – $8,667 – edging up toward half of the $20,000 goal- with 4 weeks left to go.


Your Donations at Work

I’m thrilled to say that your help has allowed me to:

Pay off the floor supports, this past summer’s flood/HVAC repairs and my medical bills.

I was able to repair the shed, (not an easy feat) and move all my showsupplies out of Public Storage into it.
My toilet is no longer falling through the floor! I love that!
Under the house is reinsulated from the flood’s damage.
And I have paid $1,000 toward the cost of the roof.THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Still To Come

The next phase of the fundraising will go toward covering the remaining $5,200 of the roof, some plumbing repairs, duct work, other floor repairs, hiring help to finally complete the complex setting up of the studio, plus help paying the bills while I work to get all that finished.


Less Than a Month To Go

Would you like to be part of completing the huge undertaking of rebuilding Rag Sky so I can again offer my gifts to the world? If you have been planning to donate, now is a great time, because there are just 28 days left!

Please visit to make a donation or to share or re-share the link with your friends, groups or guilds who might like to assist an artist at this very crucial time in her life. Spreading the word about this campaign really helps.

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to:

Meg Hannan 1111 Archwood Drive SW Unit 198 Olympia, WA 98502 


Gifts of Grace

Your donations of any amount are an enormous lift to my spirit, and a very concrete way of helping Rag Sky Art Studio and me get back on our feet. If you haven’t yet heard the story of how my year unfolded and why I am asking for your support, please read about it at   


My health is improving- baby steps but steps indeed! I still must pace myself but my stamina is growing. I told a friend that I felt like it was a miracle I was still alive and she said, “It’s a miracle any of us are alive!” SO true!


I wish you and yours a warm, miraculous and peaceful Holiday. I am profoundly grateful for our connection over the years and I hope to meet you down the path soon!

With full gratitude and big love,
Rag Sky Art Studio
1111 Archwood Drive SW
Unit 198
Olympia, WA 98502

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