Workshops and Lectures

PDF version Frieda’s Basic Contract basiccontract20172018

Who anyone ready for a really great time?

Frieda has taught everywhere from huge conferences to small quilt guilds all over the world.

Why because you really want to have fun!

Let Frieda bring her passion for quilting and creativity in others to you!

When at your convenience!

Frieda takes a limited number of gigs on a first come, first served basis.

Where here, there, or anywhere!

STUDIO WORKSHOPS are available for those who wish to come to Elgin, IL. Get together with your friends and contact me to schedule a date. The fee is $75.00 per student for up to 8 students with a minimum fee of $400 for a 6 hour class. I’ll send out an e-mail to my lists to advertise the class if you wish. If we are able to find 8 people to fill the class your fee will be waived!

How much does it cost?

Fees 2020
6 hour class: $750
3 hour class: $400
Lectures: $400/$450
Some classes have additional supply fees.
Download a copy of Frieda’s 2020 contract here: basiccontract20172018

OTHER RANDOM QUESTIONS about Frieda:Frequently Asked Questions about FA

Why a higher cost per hour for a 3 hour class? Because it takes me as long to prepare for and set up a 3 hour class as it does for a 6 hour class. It’s pretty typical to spend a full day prepping (making kits, ordering supplies, packing and shipping) for every class I teach.

Will you stay with a guild member to save on hotel costs? Sure. I do require a private room and bathroom and no smoking or pets. I have enough annoying allergies that if I sleep in a house with pets I’ll be coughing and wheezing and snarky and tired all the next day. That’s not fun for me or the students in class! You can find a “care and feeding of Frieda” Frequently Asked QuestionsaboutFA

What are your lectures like? You can read about them at the bottom of this page. They are powerpoint/slide type lectures. I bring my own equipment but you will need to have a room that can darken and have a screen or wall for me to project onto.

Lecture and Classroom set up:Room and Lecture set up for Frieda Anderson -nosewingmachine Room and Lecture set up for Frieda Anderson sewingmachine

Please e-mail Frieda for details about workshops.

Autumn Glory
Three Pumpkins
Autumn Mums Cardinals Pick from two different versions
autumnmum  FriedaA_Cardinal1
Dancing Trees
Duluth Trees The Farm
Frieda’s Fun Free Motion Machine Quilting
Frieda’s Free Motion Machine Quilting Class 2018 HOUSTON
Laughing Leaves
Under The Sea

Under the Sea master class Description for Houston 2019

Seaside Village

Master Class description for Houston 2019 –Seasidevillage master class

Under the Sea Aseasidevillage
 SunDance – Sunflowers Sunset Pines
Sunset Pines


Trumpeting Spring  Pick from either the Tulips or Daffodil pattern in class
 friedaandersontulips friedaandersondaffodils


Wild Blue Jack Pick from one of three designs in class

Wild Blue Jacks can also be a half day class see below

 1/2 Day classes
Almost any of my classes can be a half day class if the fabric kits are pre-fused by me. The cost of the kit then increases
Field Poppies
Little Landscapes Pick from Spring or Fall fabrics in class
Sister Trees
Woodland Secrets Wild Blue Jacks


Fabric to Dye For

Frieda’s Fun Free Motion Machine Quilting

Moving  forward with a new Tradition – Art Quilts

Walks in the Woods with George

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