My buddy my pal Laura Wasilowski is now on Craftsy with a class called Hand Stitched  collage Quilts.

Leave me your comments for a chance to win a coupon worth 50% off of one class, about the first time you can remember doing hand stitching.

I will send the winning comment the CRAFTSY coupon, along with 1/4 yard of my rainbow gradation.
Woo Woo what a deal.

You can make SO many pretty things with this gradation.

Happy Quilting today.

28 responses on “Craftsy

  1. Gill

    Hi Frieda
    I emailed craftsy!! I’ll let you know if/when I get a reply!
    I did a little embroidery when I was at primary school but hardly any since then!!

  2. Cornwoman

    I’ve emailed Craftsy, so hopefully they will be adding you as a teacher soon. :^) Laura’s class is one that I’ve got waiting for me to start as soon as I’ve gathered my supplies.

    My first embroidery was when I was about 5 years old, maybe even 4 years old. We lived with my grandparents, and my grandma taught me many, many things at an early age. Embroidery was something that she firmly believed that all little girls should get started on at a very early age.

    While I don’t remember the project itself, I do remember the lesson. She taught me the lazy daisy stitch, which I loved. To this day, I still do the occasional embroidery project, and I have one waiting for me to take with me when I go somewhere and have to wait.

  3. Laura


    I emailed Craftsy.

    Embroidery-Christmas ornaments for our tree. Placed next to styrafoam balls with toothpicks, that’s right, toothpicks. We called them spunik ornaments. And on the halfwall–the beloved macaroni covered shoes-spraypainted gold. Heeheehee.

    Seeing your fabric on todays blog, made me smile. I have your book on my desk and ordered dyes yesterday. Your book makes the dye process look manageable.

  4. sonja

    i recall making blankets for my horse figures that where flocked metal or plastic using fabrics found in the carriage house in boxes like lace and sequined floral motifs.lumpy stitches like the pillow case edgings.i must have been 6 or so. french knots are still favorite tho i use a back or running stitch on prayer flags now mostly. seems i have been a material girl for a long time!

  5. tesuque

    I probably was 10 when my mother tried to share her sole needlework skill (embroidery). A tomboy, as she had been, I “accidentally” dropped my needle into a heat vent. The mechanics involved in retrieving the needle were far more interesting than embroidery, although I did later dabble in it on my own.

  6. Jessim

    The first time I did hand embroidery was actually in a Craftsy class- Carol Ann Waugh’s Stupendous Stitching.

    I love the fabric! Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Deb

    I emailed Craftsy! You should be busy really soon with filming because I know they will love you!

    My earliest memory of embroidery was with my grandmother when I was about 5 years old. I can remember the room in her house and exactly where I was sitting. She sat beside me and carefully helped me and then left me to continue the stitching while she went to make tea or something. When she returned I proudly held up what I had done and discovered that I had sewed my dress to the project. I was so upset, but what I remember the most was her very calming and soothing voice telling me that it was alright, anything with fabric and a needle could easily be fixed. I don’t remember what happened with that piece of embroidery, but I’ll never forget that voice telling me, “Don’t worry, anything can be fixed with fabric and a needle.” It’s what carries me through to this day as I work on projects that might not turn out quite the way I want them to and it’s the message that I’m passing on to my granddaughter as well. I’m sure it’s why I love fabric and sewing so very much. Anything can be fixed!

  8. quilt chick

    I remember embroidering flowers of all the states [there were only 48 then] when I was about 8 or 9. I would love to take a class from you on craftsy. Hope you can work it out.

  9. quilt chick

    I remember embroidering flowers of all the states [there were only 48 then] when I was about 8 or 9. I would love to take a class from you on craftsy. Hope you can work it out.

  10. Donna

    The first time I did hand embroidery I was about 4 or 5. My mom bought me a baby quilt kit at the Five and Dime and my sister showed me how to do the stitches.
    I never did finish it. It was the first in a long line of UFOs.

  11. Cheryl Gebhart

    I emailed Craftsy. The first time I did hand embroidery was when I was pregnant with my now 31 year old son to make a little birth announcement sampler picture. It was needlepoint and I did all but the name, date, and weight before his birth, then finished after his birth. I continued doing hand embroidery for several years until I developed wrist problems, then I started quilting instead.

  12. Jackie

    I did hand embroidery a few years ago when my boys were little and I could just pack it up and take it outside while they played.

  13. Debbie

    I think I was about eight years old when my mother started me on embroidery. First it was stamped cross stitch and needlepoint and then went on to Erica Wilson kits. This was already after my grandmothers taught me to knit and crochet at an even earlier age.

  14. Connie

    I would love to win a coupon for Craftsy and some of your beautiful fabric! I have done a little embroidery and keep saying I’m going to get back into it.

  15. Chris Chambers

    First hand embroidery was rainbow colored butterflies on a dresser scarf. (Can you tell it was made in the 70’s?!!) Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to see you on Craftsy…..

  16. Teresa in Music City

    My first embroidery project was a quilt for my daughter when I was pregnant with her. I embroidered pages from a coloring book and made big puffy blocks with a satin binding circa 1970’s. It was so much fun, like coloring with thread!

  17. LindaSchiffer

    My very first embroidery project was done on one end of a flour sack dishtowel at my Grandma’s house when I was about 4 1/2 years old. She took one of the glasses she had just washed and dried it off with the towel, then traced around it three times with a pencil to make a row of overlapping circles. She threaded the needle for me and showed me how to do an outline stitch.

    I sat very happily on the fold-out step stool (the kind that many kitchens have with a back) and stitched on that towel all morning. I was kind of a chatterbox as a little girl and I expect she enjoyed the (comparative) silence. 🙂


  18. wlstarn

    I think I was about 4 when my grandmother had me cross-stitching on gingham. I still have a little pink apron she made for me using cross stitch.

  19. Andy

    I wrote to Craftsy – Good Luck!!! I love funky hand-stitching, like Laura’s. I’m experimenting with it on fabric cards – so much fun!

  20. judi

    My first stitching by hand was making Barbie clothes out of old socks. We had fun and had no idea that there were ready made barbie clothes at the store! 😉 We thought we had the best dressed Barbies on the block!

  21. Nanette

    love your website, I was probably eight years old, in Indiana, listening to the radio, embroidering a small tablecloth, it was medium blue and the flowers were red with white french knot centers. I still have the tablecloth and I am 71 years old. I have no idea how it survived all the moves etc.etc.