Yellow will brighten your day

This is the third day in the Blog Hop Give Away.

Today’s give away is yummy yellow, this is a five step gradation ending with my favorite pucky green. Pucky green is what you get when you add black to yellow in the dye process, one of my all time favorite combos.
This packet will definitely brighten your day, especially if you live in the Midwest where it is grey 80% of the winter. In fact this packet could keep you from going insane this winter, just saying.
I will pick the winner at midnight tonight by doing to random, so be sure and leave a comment about why YOU deserve this yellow packet and don’t forget to tell a friend about the blog giveaway.

  • Yesterday’s winner of Orange you glad you like fabric is – Karen – Orange is my favorite color, it is so happy. Two of the walls in my studio are orange, there is orange in almost every quilt I make. People who know me always identify my quilts because of the orange.

I am divinely giving away fabric packets and seven of you bloggers out there will feel blissful at least once in the next seven days.
For the next seven days someone will receive one of my hand dyed fabric packets. Each day will be a different color packet.
To be part of the fun will require a little effort on your part.
Be sure and visit my website while you are on line and do a little shopping for yourself!!

28 responses on “Yellow will brighten your day

  1. Debbie

    I’m commenting nice and early to make sure I don’t miss out like I did yesterday! While orange is my favorite color, yellow is my second favorite and most of what I make has yellow and orange in it. And, that’s why I deserve it!

  2. Carla G

    I like yellow as it is bright and cheery! I’m a beginner quilter, and I’ve been wanting to try a quilt with yellows in it! This would be perfect! And that’s why I deserve it! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  3. Val

    Yellow yellow-quite a fellow! Yellow is my second daughter’s “color” (each of my kids had a color so I could tell who left their towels on the floor 🙂 ) She and her little family are getting ready to leave the area (military assignment) and I have been gathering yellows to send a little quilt with her.

  4. Mommarock

    Sunny bright yellow. I’m on my fourth quilt, and there has only been one that doesn’t have yellow. It wouldn’t look right in my red and black and white quilt.. but I love yellow!

  5. Kim C

    You hit the nail on the head! I’m in Missouri and can always use a little sunshine even some of that pucky green! Thank you for the chance for your followers! Kim C

  6. Susan Turney

    Frieda, I got my “goodie” package with the scissors, etc. from your giveaway. So fun and thank you!!! I have to say my favorite part was the strip of your hand-dyed fabric that you used to bundle all the goodies up! I had no idea the colors were so intense. It’s gorgeous and as soon as I get my casita/studio up and running I’ll be ordering some fsbric!

  7. annmarie

    Pucky green is a very interesting descriptor – I like it! I love yellow too. I am from the midwest and I crave sunshine – yellow brightens my day – I need all the yellow I can get! Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win. I emailed my quilty friend Kim it.

  8. gill

    I’m enjoying yellow since I was given a piece of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley! What a great colour it is – especially on a day like today when it has rained incessantly!

  9. Thearica

    Well.. hmmm.. I was taking 3 letters of the alphabet by day and look what I was a missing!!

    I need some yellows for my stash! Please enter my name for those luscious fabrics!

    I am emailing your link to my friend Debbie in Oklahoma!

  10. Janet

    I’m a bit confused. I did comment on your first post but it seems maybe I’m supposed to comment here too. I deserve yellow because it is my favourite colour of all time and because it is very grey and gloomy where I live right now so I could use some brightening.

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