World Peace

Last night my sister and I went to get massages.

This is a tradition I could learn to love.

While I was laying on the massage therapy table, listening to wonderful sounds of the beach and birds tweeting, I was thinking how great it felt to be rubbed with oils and touched in such a soothing manner.

I came to the conclusion that massage should be a way of life, we should all be rubbed with oil in a calm and loving way everyday. Each person should be taught from childhood how to do this wonderful practice, and each day every person should give a massage and receive a massage from someone. Perferrable different people every day that you give and receive the massages to and from.

I think this ¬†could create world peace……


The massage was over way to quickly.

I felt so calm and relaxed after Abby finished my massage. I felt like I could once again face the world. I was renewed and reinvigorated at the same time.

WORLD PEACEWorldPeaceChildren for all.

Go get a massage.

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