Testimonials from Dyeing classes

Shelby Boyd, Nashville, TN

Frieda’s class was a blast! Her “formula” for dying is so simple and just plain fun. Dying with the “buddy system” made it so much less scary. I’m looking forward to dying fabric in my own backyard this summer. Thanks, Frieda.


Judy Weverka, Brentwood, TN

For certain kinds of fun, there just are no words to describe how much. Frieda and her dye class are in that category. If class had lasted a month, I’d be wishing for two more months. One thing continues to crack me up but didn’t happen until days after class. While folding clothes, I came across a pair of what should be white panties that were anything but. An array of gorgeous, vibrant colors on them, right around where my belly button would be. It took me a few breathless moments to determine whether I needed to stop right now and get checked for a major medical malfunction! They were obviously the ones I wore to class, having leaned a little too close to my project on numerous occasions. Okay, it’s not everyone’s idea of a souvenir of great times, but now when I wear them, I instantly remember how much fun we had in her class. Can’t wait for her to come back so we can play with those “colors to dye for” again. Thanks again, Frieda!


Linda Uldrike Battle Creek MI

This was a fun, informative, inspiring workshop. Frieda was fun and added so much to the class.


Marcia Batch, MI

I’ve tried dyeing fabric on my own with varied results. Frieda makes it easy to achieve stunning pieces with vivid colors.


Juanita Kohfeldt, MI

Frieda provided clear and organized instruction, and the encouragement to be creative with the colors and dye that was wonderful.


Joyce Rupp, MI

Learning to create intense colors in a fun, simple way encouraged me to not be afraid of trying it on my won – that made the class so worthwhile for me.


Testimonials from Fusing classes

Jeanie Sartori

Dear Frieda,

I loved your class on the 9th of February in Tampa with the Feather Princesses. I had fused in the past, but never done it your way. Loved your way! I have attached copies of the pictures I took of you and your quilt the following day at the Feather Princess meeting. Thank you for allowing me to take the pictures. Both the class and the lecture the following day were wonderful. I am going to enjoy your new book, “Fabric to Dye For,” once I get a chance to actually use it. For now, have only scanned it briefly, but am excited at the prospect of dyeing some fabric again and using your book as a reference.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope the cold weather will soon turn to spring and you and your dog can again enjoy your walks in the woods.

Carolyn Moore – California

This letter is a thank you to both of you for your shared responsibility in filling my life with the pleasures of art quilting and fusing.  Not long ago I purchased “Duchess Poppy” from Laura and “Jack in the Pulpit” from Frieda.  You thanked me for “adding” your quilt to my collection – which was a bit funny since these two pieces comprised my entire collection!  Fortunately, I discovered the Quilt Alliance auctions on ebay and have since added a few more.

Besides being the proud owner of your quilts, I wanted to thank you for sort of being my mentors and teachers.  Just about 3 years ago I retired after teaching high school English for 44 years.  I didn’t retire because I was tired of teaching, but because I had a strong urge to follow some, at that time, unknown path.  I had learned sewing and hand embroidery from my mother and had used those skills sporadically throughout my life, abandoning both as life became more hectic.  Then I was asked to help another teacher (because I was the only person who knew anything about sewing) with her class, making teddy bears.  The feel of a needle in my hand and tactile touch of the fabric re-awakened my old love and I knew I wanted to get back to that experience.  Being raised in Iowa, my sewing experiences were more pragmatic.  My mother made most of her clothes and mine, with her creative energies poured into embroidering dish towels and blouse collars, so my early retirement sewing efforts were also more pragmatic – and not particularly satisfying.  Fusing was that stuff I used to make a quick hem in pants – the world had passed me by and I knew nothing about quilting, except it was too much like math to hold my interest.

Then, I happened to watch a “Sewing with Nancy” show that featured both of you making fusible art quilts – there was a workbook offered and a video – both of which I purchased – and I have never looked back.  I have learned so much and grown so much in my skills.  I still have so much more to learn.

I had never seen an art quilt up close and personal until I held both of your quilts in my hands and saw the importance and purpose of free motion machine quilting.  I have some inner fear of free motion machine quilting, but now that I know how it contributes to the overall quilt, I have made it my New Year’s Resolution to practice, practice, practice – and I have Frieda’s Crafty class to help me, as well.

I follow both your blogs and I hope you don’t mind me peppering you with questions every now and then.  You both have given me a focus and pleasure I relish everyday.   As a teacher, I know that our impacts on students are rarely recognized beyond the immediate, so I wanted you both to know how much you have contributed to and enhanced my life.  I wish you both wonderfully creative and satisfying new years.