Working with color

I find that I often start out with an idea and a color theme in mind when I start working on a new piece.

How do you start out?

Do you pick the design and then go look for color or does the color dictate to you what will happen?

I have recently been doing more piecing projects.

This is a glimpse at a piece I did this week.










I haven’t had much time to work on art and I enjoyed doing this piece. It is only 12″ square, but a very good size to practice on.

I am going to spend a few hours tomorrow quilting on it, and perhaps donate it to an auction if it turns out well enough.

This is a new technique I have been working on and I want to perfect it before I start a really big piece that I have had on my design wall for some time.









hickorynut3Aren’t these colors just yummy, this is what I used to create Hickory Nut Leaves.


2 responses on “Working with color

  1. Bonnie

    Beautiful colours! Last weekend a friend and I went to a gallery and there was a gorgeous piece of glassware in turquoise and raspberry…much more muted than your colours…and I decided that I want to make a QAYG quilt in those shades. I love your new piece and it will be highly sought after should it go to auction!

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