Working with color

I love working with color.

I have been thinking about that lately. Why do I want to work with such bright and bold colors? Why aren’t I attracted to brown, beige and wheat?

I think it stems from growing up in the 70’s when psychedelic colors were so popular.

My bedroom as a girl had large blue, white and yellow flowers on the wall paper. I MEAN LARGE!! A foot around. I had blue carpet and turquoise accents in the room. It was cheery, bold and I loved it.

So I have been working on two very different large scale quilts for the last few weeks. One is a class project.

I took a class with Jan Krentz at the end of May. And I am making a king size Lone Star Quilt with my hand dyed fabrics.unnamed

The other one is a large wall quilt that I designed over six years ago and have been tweaking on and off all that time. I am now beginning to make it.FAtree-001

Both are pieced quilts and I am enjoying the process of piecing again. It is such a meditative activity.

While doing these projects it is has been made clear once again that I can not have the TV on while I work. It is just too distracting, I have made multiple little mistakes because I was not paying close enough attention. So it’s back to books on tape for me.

I hope you are working on something special and enjoying the warm summer weather.