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I happen to run into Nancy and her assistant Deanna Springer at the Houston Quilt Market, and we had lunch. Poor Nancy and Deanna, I was getting sick and ended up with Streep Throat  and they had to sit and share lunch with me, but don’t worry I didn’t kiss or hug them or anything like that.
Anyway, during lunch they were telling me about their new product and I of course had to get in on the action.
My version of Nancy’s Notion E-Tablet and Paper Keeper project.
I have said this many times before, I love Nancy Zieman, she is the nicest person in the quilt industry. Nancy is doing a blog tour of the Tablet Keeper makers. You can visit her site and sign up for prizes from Clover.
NancyZieman Trace n Create templates from Clover. This is for either an E-tablet and or Paper Tablet Keeper. I don’t own an iPad because I think it is redundant – I have an I-Phone, it can’t really do much more than my phone can the I-pad is just bigger.
I made my version of a Paper Tablet Keeper. I used my pattern Petite Trilliums for the jumping off point.
I have been making this really cool fabric lately. I want to use it in everything I make. I call it wicked fabric. I don’t sell this stuff because each piece is so individual.  I really like it. and I am not ready to share it yet.
But I wanted to use it in this project. I thought it looked like the wooded areas where the Trilliums grow.IMG_1520
These are not the colors I used, but aren’t they great, I used greens and teals instead.
Initially I thought I would do earth tones like this little quilt.
Sold in Paducha 2011 $125
Tiny Trilliums mounted on a peltex frame.
But as usual the whole opposite color combination theme really caught my eye when I was sorting through fabrics to use and so I went with deep teals and hot pink for the stems and flowers on the green background.
I just couldn’t resist using the deep purple and fuchsia for the oak leaf border.
An aside. My DH came down and wanted me to sign something while I was working on this. He placed the paper down and then looked at the project and said, I quote, “oh that’s really nice”. I nearly dropped over, he never comments, let alone says anything is NICE.
I love the inside too, I think it is so cool, it is also made using some of the wicked fabrics. I love the combinations that I choose, the blues and greens. They look like water don’t they?
I had a good time making this project and I will share with you the steps that I went through next week in a video.
Thank you for stopping by today to see my creation!  For more ideas and inspiration, I invite you to become a follower of my blog. Just click on the link to the right that says join this site.
A big Thank You to Clover for providing the templates, shapers and hardware to construct this project!  And don’t forget to enter HERE for Nancy’s drawing to win these great products from Clover:

9 responses on “Woodand Wonder

  1. Cornwoman

    Your tablet keeper is gorgeous! I do love your wicked fabric, and the blue and green on the inside is a great choice. I am very tempted to get that template set so that I can make some of these covers for gifts.

  2. Jean

    How beautiful and cool! I absolutely love the tablet keeper…and I do have an ipad, so maybe one of those will be in my near future! I’ve been a Nancy fan for many years…I’ll definitely sign up for her give-away! Thanks!

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