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Enter the coupon code “winter” to receive a 20% on all products on the website through February 17th.

Quote of the month –
January opens the box of the year, and brings out days that are bright and clear, and brings out days that are cold and grey, and shouts, “See what I brought today” Leland Jacobs
I have had a very slow month. I had foot surgery in November and have been off of my feet for 8 weeks now. Today I got the cast removed! And in Celebration of that event I am starting my month long WINTER SALE. 20 % off of all fabrics, patterns, kits and notions. This is the time to stock up for the YEAR!
  • Type in the code WINTER to receive your discount.
Some things to keep you working smoothly in the upcoming year.
  • Good sharp scissors – I LOVE my KIA scissors they are always sharp!
  • Keeping your iron clean. Bohin makes the best iron cleaner! It’s my favorite.
  • A new 2017 Calendar to brighten your studio. My 2017 Calendar is all trees and leaves! My favorite subjects.
Emerging Leaves is one of my newest patterns.

Bright spring leaves on a warm background gives the feeling of spring leaves emerging in the forest – Emerging Leaves (20″ x 14″ finished size ). Making this simple yet vibrant wall quilt is an easy & fun project.The hand dyed fabric kit for this elegant design consist of –

  •  1/2 yard of warm earth toned brown for the background and
  •  1/2 yard of luscious cotton/silk blend blackened rainbow striped fabric.
    YUMMY is the only word to describe this design.
Fall Leaves is another new pattern.
This design is a new direction in my quilting designs.
  • This is a pieced pattern, made using freezer paper and glue.
    • I love to work this way and have been making new quilts using this new, for me, method. I hope you will give it a try!
  • You can order the kit in two different color ways.
  • Blue with rust fall leaf colors
  • Frieda Green with, blackened Rainbow leaves, or make up your own color way.
    The pattern takes two yards of fabric, one yard of fabric for the back ground color and one yard of fabric for the leaves and sticks in the border.
And don’t forget to get some great colors of fabric while the WINTER SALE is on.
I have 40 different color ways to choose from in –
  • 100% cotton, silk and cheesecloth.
  • You can buy the cotton by the YARD or by the 1/2 YARD.
  • The silk ONLY comes in 1/2 yard pieces (are you following along on my good buddy Laura Wasilowski’s stitch along, this is the silk she uses)
  • Cheesecloth is only in yard pieces.
So many choices, but you have time to look and ponder while you are curled up in some warm or sunny place for the winter.
FrieSTYLE Designs on line store WINTER SALE
type in code WINTER to receive 20% off of order

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