Who wants to be a kid again?

I DO!!

Remember how fun summer was? I went to summer camp, did you?

I did church camp and girlscout camp and YMCA camp, but I never got to do QUILT CAMP.

I think I would have liked that the best.

I will be teaching at Camp Watch-A-Patcher this summer, July 7-11th. If you live close by I hope you plan on joining me and all the other great teachers that will be there.

Here are some of the classes I will teach there.

Sun Dance

Frieda Anderson’s class
“Sun Dance”

SunDance is such a fun class because we use TWO, count them TWO different decorative blades to create this HAPPY and Dancing creation.

Laughing Leaves

Laughing Leaves





Laughing Leaves is a great class for all of you who want to break out of the old square box and make something exciting and different.

We also use decorative blades in this class and we work on design issues.

Autumn Glory is a class for everyone out there who loves seasonal quilts.

Summer Afternoon




In this class students get to pick between my Three Pumpkins design or my Summer Afternoon pattern. Anyone can and should take this class.

If you live in California I hope I see you here, I mean it is such a small state 🙂 if you don’t and want to come anyway – CA is a dream paradise! Or if you know someone who lives out there, pass this along.

Happy Quilting today!!

2 responses on “Who wants to be a kid again?

  1. Crazy Cuban

    CAMP-WATCH-A-PATCHER sounds so cool! I never ever went to summer camps when I was a kid (boo-hoo) 🙁

    I always wanted to go to a summer camp. They all had exotic/ridiculous names. (sigh…)

    The room and board rates at Camp-Watch-A-Patcher are not bad. I guess I would have to call and ask how they accommodate quilters of the male kind traveling single-lo.

  2. Dolly Molina

    I will be taking your Dancing Trees class at Camp-Watch-A-Patcher and I can hardly wait. I look forward to meeting with you and interacting at camp. I have attended previous camps and they are great. See you there.

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