What needle did you use?

This is a common question I get asked about my machine quilting work. 

And there are so many answers to this question.

First – What kind of thread are you using? is my first response.

Because for me it makes a difference what needle I use with what type of thread I am using.

When I quilted George my best buddy the post card, I used several different needles in the process of making one small 4″ x 6″ post card.

I started out by using an embroidery needle Embrodery needlesGeorgepostfr-001when I did the outline quilting, stitch in the ditch, around all the design elements of George himself.

I used a #30 weight rayon thread while doing free motion quilting. And I find I always have better luck using this needle with this thread,

I then switched to a “sharp” microtex needle to quilt with silk thread the stippling design in the background behind George.

Sharp MicrotexIMG_8646-001

I did all this quilting on this little project on just the top of the quilt with batting behind it. Once I finished the quilting I squared up the top and added a backing fabric that was fused to a piece of TimTex stiff interfacing fabric. 

From there I switched to a quilting needle and did a satin stitch around the outside edge with a cotton variegated thread. 

Quilting needleIMG_8645-001

So for one little project I used three different needles. I feel I get better results when I use the needle designed to work with the thread. Did you notice they all have different background colors. That helps me identify them.

I think it turned out great and was a little sad to ship it off to be bought by someone else. But I can always make a version of this for myself in fact I have a large 24″ square version of this hanging in my studio. A picture of a pretty messy studio, but see him in the back behind the shelving?


Hey and don’t forget to get in there and change your needles ladies, they only last 8 hours worth of sewing time!!

George my best buddy

George my best buddy


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