What kind of batting is best for fusing.

Hi Frieda – I took my first shot at doing a fusie – the tulips – from your book. Considering it was my first learning experience – it turned out OK enough for my husband to want it – Anyway, I used a scrap piece of warm n natural for my batting. I am no pro at free motion quilting or stipling but I found it difficult to get a nice flow. Is there another type of batting that would be more appropriate for working with fused layers? Also, from what I saw on your web site I may need to use a different sized needle. Saw the Chicago School of Fusion on our SD PBS channel. Enjoyed! Feel sorry for my iron – definitely a challenge keeping that sucker out of fusions way. Thanks, Kathie (born n raised Chicagoan and parents formerly your “neighbors” from Streamwood. ) Rapid City, SD

Thanks Kathie for the question. My batting of chose is Hobbs Heirloom, or Fairfield Cotton Classic. Both are nice and thin and don’t have any pattern on them the way Warm and Natural does. They machine quilt beautifully and don’t create any drag. I also have found that if I spray the back of my quilt with spray sizing ( I like the new Mary Ellen spray sizing that comes in a pump bottle, it costs more but there is non wasted and it smells good) the quilt just glides through the machine with easy. And yes it is important to use the correct needle for the correct job. If you are using cotton thread I recommend using a “Quilting Needle” it is designed to penetrate all the layers of the quilt with ease unlike a Universal needle which is designed to part the threads for sewing. And remember that a sewing machine needle is only intended to sew 8-10 hours of sewing time, so change those needles!!!

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