Wendy Butler Berns

Wendy and I became friends many years ago and we run into each other often out there in the quilt world. Wendy teaches and lectures around the world and does so much with thread in her quilts.

Wendy you have machine quilted all of your wonderful quilts. What threads have you used that you really like to work with? And why.

I create mostly wall quilts, so the threads I like working with are the beautiful Sulky rayons with great sheen to them…. If a rayon thread is not available I also enjoy the Superior Threads trilobal polyester threads as well-Highlights… they also have a wonderful sheen that spark up my quilting designs. These threads are 40 weight and easy to adjust my tension as I work along.

Detail, Me and My Shadow-Out on a Limb by WBBerns

What is your favorite type of needle to use with these threads and why?

I use Superior Thread monopoly clear thread in

my bobbin for all of my quilting.

The needle I stitch with the most with my favorite threads is the microtex 80/12 needle

You create your own quilting designs where do you get your inspiration from?

Can you tell us about that?

Detail_Coneflower_Chorus_by_Wendy_Butler_BernsRock Lake's Blue Heron

Inspirations and designs are all around us… most often I am inspired by organic shapes and lines from nature…. Leaves, vines, the texture in tree bark or the wave lines left on shore…. We just need to look more closely around us. I see shapes that appeal to me, then I spend time with my paper and pencil to doodle those shapes to figure out how I can turn them into continuous quilting designs.

What kind of problems have you encountered with machine quilting on your quilts?


The problem I encounter most deciding what quilting designs to combine with each other and getting myself jump started to choose which ones I want to work with…. Spending time viewing the quilt, studying the fabrics I used and pouring over designs I keep in my notebook, help me formulate my plans and get me going!

Feathered Butterfly Wing by Wendy Butler Berns

Wendy Butler Berns
textile artist, teacher, lecturer
Look for my workshops and gallery-  http://www.wendybutlerberns.com
Vidcast of “Out on a Limb Exhibition” http://www.bonniemccaffery.

Thank you so much Wendy for sharing with us the threads you like to use and the sources of your inspiration. You are an inspiration to us all.

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