Wendy Butler Berns – Quilt Artist


I am so lucky to have so many talented and fun friends in the quilting world.
I meet Wendy through a quilt group I belong to called PAQA.
And Wendy and I have taught at many of the same venues, we have even been roomies on occasion at shows.
Wendy is one of the first artist who had classes with Craftsy and pioneered the way for the rest of us.
Wendy, How did you get involved with Craftsy? 
Following my teaching at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati two years ago, I was contacted by the marketing staff of Craftsy.  They had just launched their online classes in May of 2011.  I had been teaching several art quilting workshops in Cincinnati and that was their next focus.   Following our chat, I saw my opportunity and pitched a total of three courses to them…. I was quite excited when I became the second quilt instructor on Craftsy and my three classes launched in November of 2011.  The Craftsy video/tech team came to my house in Lake Mills, WI and spent 8 days filming the courses…. Exhausting but a very exciting experience.  It is amazing to interact with students from all over the world online!
You can visit Wendy on her website at Wendy Butler Berns and check out all her wonderful quilts. I know you won’t be disappointed.










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