Wednesday give away

OK gals you can’t beat this reason for getting the 1/4 yard of fabric.

It was Betty Hahn’s BD yesterday so she got to win. Happy BD Betty your fabric will be on it’s way as soon as you send me your snail mail address to –

I know you all know that I am a fuser. And as a fuser we tend to get our irons a bit dirty.

So today’s give away is my favorite iron cleaner. It is made by the French company Bohin and I like IT, because it works so easily and well.

IMG_6781 organicb

Even being very careful we still tend to gunk up the iron. 

So I  gave my iron a good cleaning before I started working on a new version of my quilt ORGANIC Leaves.

Let’s hear it, tell me why you need this iron cleaner and it could be yours along with a nice spool of Aurifil cotton thread.

Isn’t Christmas fun?




15 responses on “Wednesday give away

  1. Charlene

    Why I need the iron cleaner??? As we all know, cleaning the mess on our irons takes us away from our quilting. I’ve done too much fusing (many of your fabrics/patterns, Frieda)and not enough cleaning. My iron is screaming at me to clean it.

  2. Diane Fulton

    You never know when you’ll need a good iron cleaner. I’ve tried kitchen scrubby pads, fabric softener sheets and who knows what else. Also, I love aurifil thread.

  3. Jane Brown

    I thought I had all the tools and gadgets but I do not have the Bohin iron cleaner. I’d like to try it if I can find it in the local quilt shops. I like their other products.

  4. Lisa

    Between painting on fabric and fusing my iron gets filthy and it could really use a good cleaning right now so a little Bohn iron cleaner would be just what I need to start out the year just right. I’ve been enjoying your giveaways and the pieces you are making right now. The organic leaves are beautiful!

  5. Anne Schafroth

    I am a very careful iron user, but I still use iron cleaner all the time! I have never tried this brand — looks like a winner to me!

  6. Peggy St George

    No matter how careful (or not) my iron does get gunky…I use dryer sheets, but when the iron is how, fingers can get hot as well! Glad to know that even the experts…such as yourself, have the same problem…probably just not as much or as often!

  7. Rejeanne Santoro

    The sounds like the answer to my prayers!!! Lordy, how my iron could use a good cleaning. I’ve used other brand names along the way but never tried the Bohin iron cleaner. The Bohin products I do have are excellent. Thanks for the opportunity to win this, Frieda.

  8. Donna Hoskins

    The last time I got fusible on my iron I tried to clean it with a kitchen scrubbie….before it was completely cool. The scrubbie melted on the iron and made an even bigger mess. I am iron cleaning challenged. A good product would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Maria Shell

    Dear Frieda-

    I used Bohn for the first time the other day. It is amazing! I am not sure where I bought it, and I have been trying to find an online source. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. I love your bright and colorful work! Maria

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