I talk a lot about the fact that George and I go for a walk everyday that I am home. 

Mainly we walk because we do not have a fenced in backyard and the walking is good exercise for both of us.

Georgie is getting OLD, he is 15 now and he lags behind. For several years now in the good weather, he and I would walk at a man made thermal pond by the hospital near our house. It is a mile around and there is a lot of wild life to see.


I always get so many good ideas while walking. 

This year however we are only walking around the block, and that seems like a stretch for George. I truly miss the longer walks and wonder if I will make the time for them once Georgie is gone.

Danny Gregory is an artist whose blog I follow and he has a nice post about walking as well. Walk on the Wildside.

Check it out.



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