Vanishing ICON

I am fascinated by BARNS. I am always watching for them as I drive the highways.

I look to see if they are working Barns or vanishing Barns.

My quilt entry for the Art Quilts Miniatures category at the International Quilt Festival quilt show in Houston this fall was titled Vanishing Icons.



It measures 24″ square and is made with my hand dyed cottons and machine quilted with silk and rayon thread.

The one comment from one of the three judges was that she thought the background should have been more vibrant. I’ll bet she’s never really looked at a barn on the horizon.

 This is why I try not to read comments.



See the first place quilt right next to mine. It was tiny like 8″ x 12″.





One response on “Vanishing ICON

  1. Deb Ward

    I love barn quilts. This past summer we took a vacation around and about our home state of Iowa. I have 27 photos of barns with wooden, painted, etc., quilt blocks on them. I was fascinated by how weather some of the barns were while some of the quilt blocks looked like they had been touched up while the barn stayed more primitive. It was a fun trip searching for those barns and blocks. I also think you were spot on with the background.

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