Valentine’s Day Cards

Every year I hand make Valentine’s cards for my family.
I usually make each one very different and it takes me days to make them all. But this year I was a little pressed for time and it dawned on me I could just make variations on a theme. So that is what I did and boy did they go a lot faster.
I used mostly left over fused silk this year. It was very hard to photograph for you.

I start out with a pile of left over fused scraps and card stock that I bought at Target that has matching envelops. I use my decorative rotary blade to give some pizzaz to the edges of the background silk and the card itself. I fused the designs directly to the card stock. It couldn’t be any easier. I did pre-print the side of the card before I started with “Happy Valentines” I couldn’t fit Day on there so I left it off. I used Adobe Illustrator to position the writing on the card.

I even use the leftover leftovers to create a really random collage. I sent this one to my sister.

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