UUCE Quilters

I have talked about the quilt group at my church before, but I thought I’ld share a little history with you today. Our church has an out reach group called Woman Cooking for Woman. This group meets once a month and showcases groups nationally and internationally that are helping woman in need. The WCfW asked me to present about the quilters last night.

This was actually a very useful endeavor for me, as it made me go back and organize the information about the UUquilters. Our church, like all churches, has evolved and grown over the years. When I first joined we were meeting in an old farmhouse that had been rehab as our church space. On the property was a nineteenth century 8 bay barn. As our congregation grew and we needed to expand we bought new property and decided to tear down and reconstruct the old barn as our new church building. We call it our Prarie Cathedral.

One of the members at the time had the bright idea to start a raffle quilt that would benefit the building fund.

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