Use it or Lose it

I have three goals for myself as a quilter.

1. I want to someday make a Lone Star Quilt.

I will get there, just not right now. I have thought about the color choices a lot already.
I did do an eight pointed star in a few early quilt design.

This is a pieced quilt called “November, December, January and February. It is 82″ x 82″
See that center eight point star and the chevrons that divide the squares, very Lone Star, don’t you think?

2. I want to use up all my fabric before I die. If I don’t use it someone else will. I don’t want all my fabric and quilting equipment to go to the Good Will or for my kids to have a big sale with all my sewing stuff. I want to use that fabric that I dyed or bought. I know I will find other fabric or dye another gorgeous combination that I will love just as much as the stuff that I am “Saving” for something special right now.

3. I am not sharing my third goal with anyone, not even my DH.

3 responses on “Use it or Lose it

  1. Jean

    I think I will leave my remaining fabric stash to a fellow quilter in my will…if I’m determined to use it all up before I die, then I will feel very stressed as my stash gets low…it might mean I’m out of time!! LOL

  2. Cornwoman

    Since even having been on a “fabric diet” for awhile hasn’t put my stash on any endangered species list, I have had a similar basic goal to use it before I lose it. I do add pieces to it occasionally, just to make sure that my time is not up. lol

    As for your secret third goal…if you won’t even tell your DH, it’s got to be a pretty special one! Here’s hoping that you reach that one!

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