Under the Sea master class

Under the Sea

20″ x 22″ finished size

Under the Sea
 master class

This is a lecture/class. Frieda will spend time talking about and demonstrating techniques for you to go home and try. Frieda will do all the work in this class. You will be watching, learning and absorbing ideas.

In the first section of this class we will cover basic tools and techniques. Techniques will include what fusible tools to use, basic fusing use and etiquette, and when and how to use decorative rotary blades to get fun details in your quilted pieces.

The second section will cover how to make the quilt, Under the Sea. Frieda will demonstrate making the whole quilt top. She will show you quick and easy transferring techniques, and how to cut out your design elements effectively and efficiently to create your one of kind version of this quilt.

The third section will cover finishing up. Several different ways to finish off this quilt will be demonstrated. They will include different ideas for binding, non-binding, machine quilting and how to use your left over scraps in fun and interesting ways.

You will receive a kit with the paper pattern, written directions, and hand dyed fabrics as part of this class. There will also be a PDF document to go along with all of the directions for you to download on your own computer.

Come, sit, and enjoy this quilting experience. You will be able to ask Frieda questions and get satisfying results. Bring a notebook to take notes if you desire.

Under the Sea master class printable sheet