Tuesday give away

YEA Cheryl Gebhart won the first FREE six month subscription to the quilt show. 
There will be one more to give away later in the week.

I spent yesterday running around doing errands and getting Christmas presents.

Today though I am working in my studio which I haven’t done for awhile.

I will be so happy playing with my beautiful hand dyed fabrics.

I bet you would love playing with them too!

Today’s give away is a long quarter yard of Rainbow Strip.

Tell me why you need this fabric for a chance to win.

Rainbow stripe










38 responses on “Tuesday give away

  1. Tina Lockwood

    I would love to win this beautiful piece of your hand dyed fabric to make something for Guide Dogs of America’s Silent Auction in June. “Otto and I are signed up for one of your classes at Road to California, and you won’t believe how much he’s grown. See you soon!

  2. Jan sheets

    To be honest I do not need the piece of fabric but I would love to have it .i am taking a class from Sue Benner and it would be wonderful in one of my compositions. Thanks and Meery Christmas

  3. Caroline

    I love your fabrics and patterns and have purchased my share over the years. I would consider it a blessing to win this beautiful piece. Love your website!

  4. Liz Renner

    I need to win ’cause it’ll make me so happy I’ll be up for a week! Love your dyed fabric. I have quite a little stash going here… it needs new company! Thanks Frieda!

  5. Teresa in Music City

    Need? I was taught as a newbie quilter to eliminate that word from my vocabulary LOL!!! I need to touch this fabric, and hang it in my sewing studio to stare at it. Before long it will tell me what IT needs to become! Thank you for the chance to win such a super giveaway!!!

  6. Stacey

    I make “Mug Rugs for Mugs” (to raise money for the local animal shelter for food) and this would make an amazing centerpiece table topper! I’m envisioning 60 degree triangles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Dolores

    It’s such a gorgeous piece of fabric and I can see it being used in a small landscape quilt. I have been good and haven’t bought any fabric in quite a while so I NEED something new in my stash.

  8. Sue

    I need to win this fabric because 2014 is the year that I plan on focusing on the small art quilt. This would be a wonderful addition to my hand dyed stash (which is very very tiny). But if I don’t win, I wish whomever does great joy in using this beautiful fabric in the new year.
    Happy Holidays

  9. Cheryl

    Thanks so much for the gift certificate! I know I will enjoy the shows. It was very generous of you, and I’m very excited to have won.

    I don’t know if I can win more than one item, but all your hand dyed fabrics are so beautiful that I would love to win this too. Not to be greedy, you understand! But with all the colors in it, it would be useful for so many applique projects.

  10. Cathy Geier

    I need this fabric so it can be my own, my precious. *Pets the fabric in her imagination* Actually I make strip pieced landscapes and the possibilities with this piece are endless. From land and water to sunset sky…

  11. Karen Goddard

    There are lots of reasons why I want this fabric, but the best one is that today is my birthday!! I’m 50 years old today!! I love your fabric and patterns!

  12. Jodie Matte - Essex, Ontario

    I purchased some of your fabric in Chicago this June – it is the best for those little “artsy fartsy” quilts!

  13. kathy baumann

    I love all your hand dyes!. in fact, your class is one of the best of I taken. Hope to run into you again at another show. From the Pacific Northwest. CCQ

  14. Debbie Flood

    Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 You and Laura look fabulous in all of the photos you have posted lately. You seem to have so much fun. Wish I did not live so far away! I will probably be in Chicago more in the next year as Nora is getting married next fall. Hope to see you soon. d.

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