Tsukineko Inks

Yesterday Judy Coats Perez led a class for the Textile Diva’s at the College of DuPage on Tsukinelo Inks. We had a blast. I had never used these inks and was very interesting in giving them a try. What I discovered is that you need to practice. Big surprise.

Judy demonstrated the various techniques of applying the inks to dry white or light colored hand dyed cottons. Dipping the Fantast/x coloring tool bullet point (nub), either sharp or rounded, into the ink you then rub the nub onto the fabric creating shading and shape. To thin the inks you can use Aloe instead of water. After playing around I found I liked using the Aloe method better as it gave a smoother appearance.

Judy started us out by doing basic shapes, rectangles, leaves, and spheres. She then gave us hand outs from Dover books of flowers, fruits and berries to lay under our white fabrics to follow along and color in. Eventually I tried my own designs. We even did a little marbling on shaving cream with the inks, something else I had always wanted to try. This was great fun and more my cup of tea.

I enjoy taking classes on new techniques with friends along for the fun, it is always easier to learn by watching someone else do it first and then experimenting in class while you sit and visit. It is particularly nice on a gray day in February.

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  1. Jaye

    Thanks for posting about this, especially the nitty gritty details. I have these inks and have not been able to bring myself to try them. You gave me some good ideas and hints.

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