Trilliums and a fat quarter yard of fabric


Don’t forget to leave your comments for a chance to win.

The give away this week is my Trilliums pattern along with a fat quarter yard of fabric.

I will announce the winner on Monday.

Happy Quilting.

33 responses on “Trilliums and a fat quarter yard of fabric

  1. Diane

    Your dinner sounds fabulous. Nothing better than old friends! The trillium pattern is lovely. The trillium in our yard is right outside the bathroom window, so I get to look at it while brushing my teeth. Small pleasures.

  2. Marcia W.

    The pattern is lovely. Trilliums are rare in our area of Florida. We have a type of wild violets that bloom in the cool early spring that are similar in shape. Please enter me into your sweet drawing.

  3. caramisu

    I just discovered Laura from her Quilt Show episode last week and upon finding her blog – led to you! What fun you two must have and are having while in Paducah. I love both of your fun art quilt styles and am just now trying to break out of the traditional quilt path I’ve been on for 20 yrs (all good!) and journey into this new world of art quilting- you are truly inspiring!

  4. jeneenc

    Triliums are a protected wild flower in Michigan. I particularly like the mixing of oak leaves (I live on Oak Street!) Which provide a great canopy and the shade that these flowers require. The mixture of colors and the asymmetrical center green background give the entire quilt an organic flair. I love this quilt!

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