What is your inspiration?

I love trees, leaves and texture of all kinds. I find myself  always looking at those things in life. When ever I go for a walk or am driving my car these are the things that attract my attention.

When I am sitting at a restaurant or going through a store my eye is drawn to certain textures or colors.

I have quite a collection of tree imagery that inspires me in my studio. I like to keep leaves and trees all around me.

I look at these things everyday while I am working.








The ever growing and changing arrangement that sits by my computer of acorns. I am constantly picking these up.

It doesn’t matter where I am, if I see some I pick them up tuck them in my pocket or purse and bring them home to reside with all the others acorns from around the world.

This year at the Chicago show I bought this beauty.








It has a real acorn head and a velvet bottom. I am sure it was made to be a pin cushion but it is just too sweet to stick pins in. It is about 3″ tall.


The artwork I buy from fellow artist is usually tree related as well.








This silk panel was painted by my Spanish friend Cecilia of Desedamas.  Isn’t it gorgeous.

I love it.

Everyone always oohs and aahs when they see it and then tell me how much they like it because they think I painted it, but I always fess up  and tell the truth – that  I bought it myself.

This is a way cool print as well. It is a jello silver print done on black linen. I wish I could tell you the name of the artist but I have forgotten. I bought it several years ago while teaching in ND from another one of the teachers there. Maybe you can read her signature down at the bottom.

It really isn’t a tree but I think it looks like one. 



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  1. Bonnie

    All beautiful! As an eleven year old I was confined to bed for three months. Outside the window I could see a tall pine tree…and it became my virtual playground. Nature gives us a bounty of gifts!

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