TimTex frame

A new idea that I have used recently is to create a frame using TimTex ®, a heavy interfacing.
Picture #5picture#5

I used a wavy blade in my rotary cutter to cut out the frame for this art quilt.
Using fusible web, I attached my complimentary fabric color to both sides of a heavy piece of TimTex that is cut at least three inches larger all around than my art piece. I then trim this TimTex sandwich with a decorative rotary blade in my rotary cutter to the size I need. (Use the decorative blade(s) of your own choice). This creates a frame that I can center my art on. In the center of the back of this frame, I place a cord that will act as a hanging loop. The cord is attached by creating a loop with tails. The tails are caught behind a piece of square fabric that is fused to the back in the center of the frame. I stitch around the edges of the square to secure this fabric, and the cord tails are stitched down behind the fabric square.
Picture #6
IMG_0874 I used a pinking blade in my rotary cutter to cut out the frame for this art quilt.
I use the same method of applying Velcro to the frame and the art work as I have mentioned before.

The back of the frame with a loop or I-cord applied to hang the frame.picture#7 IMG_0881

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