Thursday give away

I just realized that I should have done the 12 days of Christmas as my theme, oh well maybe I’ll remember to do that next year.

Yesterdays winner of iron cleaner and thread is tatatada.... LISA CHIN. Here is what she said to win. 
A little flattery goes a long way. "Between painting on fabric and fusing my iron gets filthy and it could 
really use a good cleaning right now so a little Bohin iron cleaner would be just what I need to start out 
the year just right.  I've been enjoying your giveaways and the pieces you are making right now.  
The organic leaves are beautiful!"

How would you use this thread combo if you were the lucky recipient?

Frieda Anderson thread giveaway

Today’s thread combo is a real treat a spool of 30# weight rayon, a spool of cotton Aurifil and 10 yards of hand dyed silk ribbon.

This  fabulous combo of threads will make some lucky person happy in their quilting creations.

I use all kinds of thread in my machine quilting and one of my favorites is Maderia #30 rayon.

I almost always use Aurifil cotton in the bobbin when I am quilting and for awhile I was dyeing these wonderful silk ribbons (10 yards). 

One of the ways that I have used the silk ribbon is to do a little bobbin work with it and have it as a finish on my bindings. Here you can see that on my pattern Woodland Treasures.



I know who ever wins this will come up with a clever way to use and utilize all this great thread. You’ll have to share with us what you do with it though.


Falalalala LaLaLa




14 responses on “Thursday give away

  1. Rejeanne Santoro

    I have the perfect project for those lovely threads and ribbons. About one year ago, I took a class which used a number of yarns, ribbons and threads all couched onto the fabric in a circular fashion. The more texture, the better. It’s a one of a kind every time and really enjoyable to make. My plan is to make several more and this wonderful give away is exactly what this project needs. Thanks for the opportunity, Frieda.

  2. Gill

    I’m making a set of 4 small quilts with Ineke Berlyn on the theme of the four seasons – these colours would be perfect for my Autumn quilt!

  3. Maria R

    I would love to use the thread to finish my ever growing pile of UFOs. I have been wanting to try Aurifil for quite some time. This would be the perfect sample pack to try new threads. Enjoy the holidays.

  4. Rodney Wartzok

    My wife started sewing a few years ago and quickly lost interest. One day I was bored at home and thought I would turn on her sewing machine to play around. Since that day, I have not went a day without sewing. It was my little secret. I didn’t want anybody to know I was sewing. As a kid, I was always told sewing was for moms. Wow has that all changed. I am so proud of everything I make and love to share my new hobby with anybody that will listen.

    I started a Fall themed quilt back in October and finally have all the piecing finished. This will be my 5th quilt I have completed since I started sewing back in February. I’m hooked! Adding some silk ribbon to the binding is just what it needs…..Great idea! I have come to learn that the quilting is what makes the quilt so I’m looking forward to trying the 30 wt. Rayon. AND……the colors are perfect!! Until now, I have only used 40 wt. cotton thread. I have learned so much from you and get so inspired every time I visit your website. I can’t wait to join my first Craftsy class with you very soon!

    Thank you so much!

    All the best,
    Rodney Wartzok (aka “The Quilting Dude”)

  5. sophie

    The ribbon would be lovely to use for some silk embroidery. I look at your photo and see nasturtiums, so I’d make a quilty pincushio, stitched with the cotton thread, quilted with the rayon and embellished with hand embroidered ribbon nasturtiums.

  6. Sue

    I have some hand dyed fabric strips and I’m pretty sure these threads and ribbon would go perfectly with it. Thanks for another fabulous give away.

  7. Susan O Schaller

    Never done this before and not sure if 1st one went through, so please excuse if it has……not trying to pull a fast one. Love your color choice ….chartreuse is my new neutral. Thanks.

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