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What do you do with the threads when you are machine quilting?

I always bring my bobbin thread up to the top of my work. I do this by putting the presser foot down and taking one manual stitch. I then pull that stitch to bring the bobbin thread to the surface of my quilting project.


I hold both top and bobbin thread with my hand while I begin to stitch. I am going to bury these threads when I am done quilting.

I like to bring the threads up because it keeps them from tangling on the back side as I work. You can take one or two stitches in place and then begin to quilt. I usually just begin to quilt. I find that if I take small stitches in place it can cause a knot on the back of my work. Something I like to avoid.

Once I am all done quilting for the day, I sit with a self threading needle and tie off each set of threads and bury them inside the quilt. Just like I was taught to do with hand quilting.

IMG_3583 IMG_0357-1


The self threading needles have a notch at the top so that you can thread both threads through the notch and then you can bury them. First tie a square knot right next to the quilt surface. Then notch the two threads on the needle. Put the needle right back in the spot where the threads stopped and send it over an inch or two. Pull the threads through and give it a tug to pull the knot to the inside of the quilt. Pull the threads taught and snip with your scissors. The thread will pull back into the quilt  when you cut it and you will have buried the threads inside the quilt.

This is how I deal with all my threads when I am quilting.

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  1. Mommarock

    Thank you! This has been very helpful! My last adventure into freemotion quilting didn’t turn out so well, and so it scared me away.. I think this will help me get my bootie back to the machine and give another try. 🙂 Much appreciated!

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