Thread tension

Are you afraid?

Have you been afraid to touch the tension on your sewing machine?

Did someone tell you along the way that it was not a good idea to fool around with your thread tension?

Well get over it!!!

I adjust the tension on my sewing machine all the time.


Depending on the type of thread that I am using in the top of my machine makes me make adjustments to the tension in order to keep my machine quilting stitches well balanced.

I like to use a lot of different weight threads and if I am using a very heavy, let’s say 30 weight thread, I need to adjust the tension so that my bobbin thread stays down on the back of my quilt.


I was quilting today on a small quilt and was using a 3o weight cotton thread in the top with a 50 weight cotton thread in the bobbin. In order for the bobbin thread not to pop up to the top I had to adjust my top tension all the way down to 2.5!!

I don’t always have to reduce it so low, sometimes just down to 3.5, the standard is 5.0. I use a practice sandwich of fabric, batting and backing to check my tension before I start sewing on my project.

When I am piecing I readjust it or just turn on and off my machine it will readjust automatically.


Don’t you feel better now.

Go adjust your tension and feel free. Just remember where the standard spot is so you can always go back to that when you need to.

Your welcome.

Tiny Pumkins


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