I get the Superior Thread Newsletter, do you?

It’s free and I always learn something from it. 

I like lots of different kinds and colors of thread when I am machine quilting so I like to have lots of choices and Superior offers lots of choices.


Here is an excerpt from the recent Superior Threads newsletter about thread and needles.

Q. What are the main causes of thread breakage? 
A. 50% is the quality of the thread. 
20% is the needle: either the wrong size, the wrong type, or both. 
20% is the tension setting. A too tight tension causes breakage. 
5% is the condition of the machine: lint buildup, timing, burrs. 
5% is the thread delivery system. The machine may be mis-threaded, or the thread is coming off the spool wrong. Thread on cones should come off over the top of the cone. Thread on spools should come off straight from the side, not over the end.

Q. What’s the best needle to use? 
A. We use and recommend the titanium-coated Topstitch needle style.  The Topstitch needle has several factors which make this needle superior to use for embroidery, general sewing, and quilting. A wide and deep groove protects the thread and reduces drag and friction applied to the thread. An elongated eye which is almost twice as long as an eye on a universal needle allows the thread much more room to move around in. A rounded sharp point allows ease-of-separation for the fibers on the fabric which you’re sewing. Once you try this needle, you’ll probably never use a Universal, Quilting, or Embroidery needle again. View our article on the Anatomy of a Topstitch Needle.  Used with permission from Bob Purcell,


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