This crazy rose

Look at this crazy rose bush blooming in NOVEMBER.

We were outside all weekend raking leaves in the yard. We have two big maple trees in our yard, one in the front  yard and one in the back yard shading our deck. They are so beautiful all year long and even though we spend days racking up their leaves their beauty is well worth it the effort. Besides it gets us (my husband and I) working together and outside on beautiful fall days.

While in the back yard I noticed this spot of pink off in the corner. When I went to investigate I could see my tea rose bush was BLOOMING. How crazy is that, it is November. While most of the bush has rose hips all over it, there is this one crazy bloom and two buds cheerily waving in the gentle fall breeze.

A very tenacious plant, my rose bush is.

IMG_0336 IMG_0337 IMG_0339

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