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I was thinking about all the things that help me while I am machine quilting that I want to tell people when they are standing there watching me demo.


Here is my list so far:

  • Wash your backing fabric before using and while you are ironing it use some spray starch or spray sizing on the back to make it slide easier as you quilt it
  • Use a super slider on your quilting surface to also help the quilt move easier as you quilt it
  • Spray your quilting table with Pledge and rub it down to also keep the surface slickier
  • Use some Neutrogena Hand Cream on your hands to keep your fingers tacky, this won’t effect your fabric and you won’t have to wear gloves AND it will make your hands so nice and smooth – put a little on those elbows too, they get so ugly looking.
  • Make a test sandwich of the same fabrics as your quilt and then warm up on it first
    • This also lets you test your thread tension before you start your quilting
  • Always start with a new needle that is appropriate for the type of thread you are using
  • Match your bobbin thread and top thread in color to help avoid any tension issues, it doesn’t matter what color your backing fabric is
  • Clean your bobbin area on your sewing machine before you start any new project
  • Listen to classical music or a book on tape. This is way better than the radio or TV AND not too loud.
  • Pre-wind bobbins so when you run out you can just pop one in
  • Start your projects in the middle and work out
    • This keeps the backing fabric always moving outward and helps avoid any puckering on the back of your quilt
  • Do easy quilting designs first then when you tackle something a little more challenging you will be warmed up and looser

Quilting should be fun not a chore.

If you are going to do some quilting today think about this list and see if any of these ideas will help you be happy in your quilting.

If your not having fun don’t do it!!

Happy Quilting

3 responses on “Things to keep in mind

  1. Diane

    Great tips! Especially about the hand cream. I’ve used gloves, but they never feel natural. Enjoy your time in Houston. Maybe next year I’ll make it there.

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