The ZEN of winning

Take a deep breath and exhale –
I will win
I will win
I think I can
I hope you all win, but in reality I only have one big give away.
It is …TA TA TA DA

  • 12 over dyed white on white fat quarters in a rainbow gradation
  • 1/2 yard piece of silk organza in Christmas green
  • 1/2 yard piece of silk/cotton blend in Christmas fuchsia/red
  • 10 yards of 4mm silk ribbon in Christmas fuchsia/red
  • AND a gorgeous fat quarter of silk/rayon velvet in green – this stuff is to dye for!

You can make some fabulous stuff with all these goodies, and I expect to see results from some lucky winner, so leave me your comments and GOOD LUCK .

I have had a blast putting this all together and reading your comments. I hope you will all come back often and continue to leave me your thoughts.

I love hearing what you have to say and I have learned a thing or two in the past week. Remember if your not having fun, don’t do it.
ooops yesterday’s winner was random number #20 – 
Jean said…

Once again, another beautiful array of color! I just love those shades of purple!

58 responses on “The ZEN of winning

  1. gill

    Wow! what an amazing prize!
    Count me in please and thank you for all the giveaways you have offered this week! The colours have been breathtaking – especially from a cold and grey UK!

  2. PattyBYoung

    What a beautiful array of colors! In 2010, I attended PIQF and saw your quilt style for the first time. I pulled out my cell phone, and took picures…the green background with the white lilies…a woodsey theme. Your work is beautiful, and I love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration, and your generosity.

  3. sosarahsew

    One of my goals this year is to make a crazy quilt. I have been saving all kinds of things like Minky, corduroy, flannel-backed satin, scraps from Texture Magic projects, chenilles. I would love to add your collection to the mix. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. annmarie

    Your fabrics are just breathtaking – silk/rayon velvet? I can’t even imagine how it must feel. I’d have to sleep with it! In my favorite color too. Thanks for the great week of giveaways. I’m a follower now so can’t wait to see what other loveliness you post.

  5. Liz Renner

    I’m holding my breath. I love your dyed fabric. I have some silks I bought from your class years ago. You are a wonderful teacher. You released my fingers to free motion quilting and I haven’t stopped being grateful for your lessons. I wanna win, please!!!

  6. Colleen Kole

    It’s another beautiful group of fabrics. You have been so generous and I have had fun just watching you put together this wonderful giveaway week.

    But most of all, I enjoy you over the year with all that you create.

    Merry Christmas Frieda!

  7. Bev

    Oh, just what I need for two different projects! The velvet, silk, and ribbon for part of a crazy quilt block, and the rest for my Yo-Yo-ville Quilt! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  8. Cornwoman

    Oh, man, I REALLY would love to win that great pile of gorgeous fabrics and ribbon! What a great prize! Please count me in on this one! I would be really excited to win.

    I love reading what you have to say, and am enjoy our interactions. Thank you for your generosity in putting together these giveaways, too. As for what you’ve learned in the past couple of weeks….there’ll be a pop quiz this coming Friday! lol

  9. sophie

    I have the quote, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong,” engraved on my iPad … I definitely agree that they words to live by … and definitely apply to quilting 🙂

    Your giveaway has been fabulous–I envy all the winners.

  10. Lisa

    Such beautiful pieces with many great possibilities! Over dyes have become my new favorite thing to do. When I go to work I look through the clearance fabrics for fabrics that are white or light and seem very ugly and then buy lots of yardage. I know I can use dye to make them beautiful for me! So much fun.

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