The Quilt Show – give away

Here it is almost Christmas.

I feel the need to give something to you all.

I am going to do a give away each day this week as a holiday present to YOU.

And then I am taking next week OFF!!

Just last week I had the great opportunity to spend time with Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson.

We were all at the Bernina Ambassador’s Retreat in Aurora IL. Aurora is just down the street from me.

We were split into three groups and Alex and I were in the same group. I hate to admit this BUT yes we were the bad girls in the back. We giggled and talked and had a great time while still learning all about the new Bernina’s and finding out ways we could really improve using our own Bernina’s.

Alex and Ricky do one of my favorite things they run – THE QUILT SHOW.

I have been featured on the show, my episode was #705 and I made my pattern Winter Dreaming – a portrait of my kitty Socks.FA_WinterD

I have a great opportunity for all of you that haven’t become members to this informative show yet. I am giving away TWO free six month subscription opportunities to two lucky people who leave comments on this blog.

Tell me why you want to get a free subscription and I could pick your name.

Here is your chance to not only get a free six month subscription but also you can go watch MY episode #705 after you join.




I know you were hoping I was giving away the quilt, get real.

Happy Holidays!!!


10 responses on “The Quilt Show – give away

  1. edwina parsons

    I love the quilt show and I have not seen your show. My subscription runs out at the end of this month, and I would love to see your show and to be see how you make the cat quilt. Yes I would love to win!!!!!!

    Thank you
    Edwina Annette Parsons

  2. joan s

    I’ve watched TQS when they have freebies and the shows are just so inspiring! With a subscription, I’d be able to watch and re-watch (is that a word) to my heart’s content!

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