The life of a traveling teacher

My traveling season has begun and I’ve been on the road twice this month. First to almost warm Florida, and then to really not warm Michigan. But I had fun in both places and meet and worked with some wonderful women. No guys in my classes so far this year.

I am home now for a couple weeks and I hope to get some work done. I am ready to send off three small quilts to Europe to be part of a traveling exhibit. That is pretty exciting. Here are those three quilts.They will be part of a traveling exhibit Crossing Oceans Textile Artists. This is the second exhibit by the group. The Crossing Oceans group will be sharing their JOURNEYS exhibition at the 7th Edition Internationale d’Art Textile en Beaujolais, France, 11-14 April 2018.

My journey through working with Fabric and Quilting has taken me on a long and winding road. It has been a happy adventurous trip. I find I have always been and will always be interested in depicting nature in my Fabric creations. My tree triptych is one step further on my joyous journey.

They are created using my creative crisp curve technique. You can make something simpler if you order my Mug Rug pattern or the Falling Leaves pattern. Both of these patterns are made using freezer paper as a template and each has two paper patterns included with the written directions.

On a more personal note. After teaching and lecturing at the WMQG in Wyoming MI, outside Grand Rapids, I went up to visit the grave-site of my parents. My dad grew up in a little town East of Grand Rapids; Lowell, MI, and all of his relatives are from that area. My parents are buried in a wonderful old pine filled cemetery in Comstock MI. I don’t get there very often and it is always a nice memory to stop there. This time I placed five little heart shaped rocks on their marker. One each, for me and my sister, and one for each of my kids. It made me happy to do this and to think that there is a little bit of me resting there with my parents.

It has been sunny here in Illinois that last few days, not warm, but sunny. The sun sure does make life seem better.

I hope you are all warm and well and sewing up a storm here in these winter months.


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