The fun people you meet.

One of the great benefits of teaching all over the world is the fun people you get to meet.

In my class this fall at the  IQF show in Houston, I had three wonderful woman from Holland.

They were so excited to be at the show and were so friendly and thoughtful. I hope when we (meaning us USA’ers) travel to foreign countries we are the same way.

As they were leaving my class one of them handed me these wonderful printed fabrics that she made.

She gave me two samples each about 8″ x 10′ along with the information sheet below.

They are printed with paint on a cotton satin fabric. She calls this Staphorster stipwerk. There you have learned something new today!

They are just so special I think I am going to frame them and put them on my studio walls as inspiration.Scan-001.BMPScan.BMP


I hope you spend the weekend stamping your shoes and purses. Happy Staphorster stipwerk!!!! 




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