The finished T-shirt quilt 2014 for a college freshman

I left off about a month ago talking about getting my blocks assembled and ready to be quilted for the t-shirt quilt I was making for Tyler.


Before I started the quilting of the blocks I ran a straight stitch all the way around the outside edge of each square. This just made it easier to hold on them and keep the edges flat as I was doing a large stipple quilt on each square.

After they were all quilted I squared them up to 15″ square and laid out the design on the floor to get the placement right.


I didn’t have enough light and dark t-shirts to do an every other one of light and dark pattern, so I decide to have a row of dark on the top and on the bottom of the quilt. 

Once I had my lay out all set up I started serging my squares together. If you don’t have a serger you could also do a large zigzag stitch to for the seam. All of the sergered seams are on the top and the smooth soft flannel is all on the back of the quilts. I realized that if you really wanted to make this an upcycle recycled project you could just put the t-shirt backs as the backs for all of the quilted squares. That would be especially nice if you live in a warmer climate and don’t want the added warmth of flannel for this quilt.

Sewing all the squares together took me only about 3-4 hours. It goes really fast.

Then I cut 4″ wide binding strips out of left over flannel pieces and attached a “fat” doubled binding to the edge of the quilt. 


I decided to do a zigzag stitch on the final sew down of the binding. I don’t know why, I think to make it extra secure. You know college kids are rough on their stuff.

I did  a final straight stitch in the ditch on the binding and have shipped it off to Tyler to take to Penn State with him next week.

I have heard recently from three of the “kids” I made these t-shirt quilts for and each one is still extremely attached to their quilt. LOVE is not to strong a word here for how they feel about these quilts.

My youngest son is one the recipients and  his quilt is 10 years old and still going strong and in good shape. My nephew has one and all the kids in his freshman class LOVED his quilt and wanted to know where they could get one like it. He never left it in the dorm he ALWAYS brought it home with him.

These make great memory quilts and wear like iron. I find them enjoyable to make and to give. 


Have a great time at school Tyler and try to study a bit.

Frieda Anderson




3 responses on “The finished T-shirt quilt 2014 for a college freshman

  1. Terry J.

    Love your t-shirt quilt. a couple questions? What did you use as batting? Did you hide the serger seams ( with the flannel ).
    Thanks for sharing 😉

    1. frieda anderson

      All those sergered seams are on the front of the quilt. Think of it as a rag quilt without all the fringe, then just the nice soft flannel on the back. So easy and quick to make and very very functional.

  2. frieda anderson

    I used warm and natural batting for this quilt. It is a really warm and flat cotton batting that I like to use in bed quilts. But if you lived in a warm climate I think the new bamboo battings are really light weight and still add some body to the quilt. I like the one from Fairfield batting.

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