Tee shirt quilt day two

How many old ladies does it take to care for one small boy? Apparently TWO, a little tag team is required.

MiMi and I are having fun babysitting Mister Brady Brown and in the process we are getting some stuff done.


Here is day two working on the t-shirt quilt.

I like to make the backs of the quilts out of several different print flannels. I buy 7 different “boy” flannels for this quilt each 1 1/2 yards. I will cut these up just like I cut up the t-shirts, slightly larger than 15″ square.

IMG_8366 IMG_8368

I have to cut all the batting and then I will assemble the squares in preparation for quilting.

Once I have quilted them all I will square them all up and put the quilt together. Stay tuned for the layering next.


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