Tall Pines Tryptick

This trio of quilts made in 2017 has just returned from England where they have been traveling in an international exhibit organized by Jane Rollanson. THANKS JANE.

You can check out the facebook page for this Exhibit – Crossing Oceans.

20″ x 30″

22″ x 34″

22″ x 40″

Tall Pines I, Tall Pines II, Tall Pines III machine pieced with my hand dyed cotton fabric, silk and variegated cotton thread machine quilted.

I love the quilting on these pieces, that manual curved stitching going round and round on the border is a really fun effect for a solid plain border like these. I used a heavier weight variegated thread to also add some more interest. I also used a decorative stitch up the center of each of the tree fronds. Something I’m going to be doing more of on future pieces.

These trees are all pieced with my the curved piecing technique I like to use. You can see my article and tutorial about this technique. It’s the technique I am concentrating on in my quilted pieces these days. My quilt Unfurling, Winter Trees, Out on a Limb, and Falling Leaves all use this curved piecing technique. You can download a free pattern – Falling Leaves – to try it yourself.

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