Surface Explorations Volume 1 eMag

Quilting Arts has a new venture. They are always coming up with new stuff. And here it is…

Welcome to the premier issue of Surface Explorations! This eMag presents an interactive look at surface design and offers techniques such as screen-printing, dyeing fabrics, rusting, and more. New and well-known artists bring their tips, tricks, and favorite techniques to you through slideshows, videos, and photographs that you can pan and zoom. Get up close and personal with each project by enlarging photos to see the tiniest details. Pause and replay videos for virtual private lessons from nationally known and fresh, new artists. As you work along in your studio space, these are just a few of the great benefits of Surface Explorations.
Don’t just read it, experience it! Explore Surface Explorations with great features like:

  • The Great Dye Experiment: Cotton vs. Silk with April Sproule
  • Thermofax® Screen Printing: The mysteries of Thermofax explained with Lyric Kinard
  • Rusting to Create Texture and Timeless Images: Designs in decay from rusty metalwith Laurie Brooks
  • Screens & Stencils: Two Ways to Have Fun! with Leslie Tucker Jenison
  • And so many more!

With an array of videos, interactive slide shows, and lessons in surface design, Surface Explorations is the perfect new studio tool. Download this amazing eMag today and start exploring the surface!

This is an E MAG, so you pay a small fee to download and print only the parts that you want.

I have a quilt in this issue, so I hope you will check it out and support this new venture.

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