Sundance – Sunflowers

Level: Beginner to Advanced—One day—No sewing machine required



A fused wall quilt 20″ x 22″ finished.
This fun and whimsical fused quilt is created using two different decorative blades, a pinking blade and a wavy blade. (You can get these over on the notions page they will fit in any 45mm rotary handle).
These flowers look like they are dancing in the summer sun and would add a lovely whimsical touch to any wall space. Pattern & Fabric Kit $40
Supply list:

  • Fabric Kit required $40- includes paper pattern and color cover, 1 1/2 yard of Frieda’s hand dyed fabric total – 2/3 yard of background fabric, 1/4 yard of two tone green fabric and 1/2 yard of multi colored fabric for flower heads
  • 4 yards of Wonder Under fusible web – it says #805 on the end of the bolt (no substitutions please) Soft Fuse is also good
  • box of parchment paper – I prefer Reynolds, Sam’s club or Costco brand.
  • a large poster board (found at office supply, craft or fabric store)
  • 45mm rotary cutter with straight blade
  • very sharp embroidery scissors
  • mechanical pencil and extra fine sharpie marker (extra fine markers can only be found at the office supply store, I will have some for use and sale as well)
  • rotary mat and ruler (medium size mat and one other smaller older mat to use on the backside of the mat with the decorative blades)
  • iron and ironing surface (towel or mat)
  • Instructor will make available to use and purchase, decorative rotary blades, extra fine sharpie markers, scissors and hand dyed cotton and silk fabrics

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