I have trouble naming my quilts.










When I first made this quilt one of my students came up with the name for it. I think it is perfect.

The sunflowers look like they are dancing hence the name SunDance.

I recently taught this class at Village Quilters in Downers Grove, IL.

This is just a glimpse into the fun we had.

You can download my patterns as PDF’s on Craftsy, OR you can order a hard copy along with all the GORGEOUS hand dyed fabrics to make your own version of SUNDANCE over in my store.


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  1. Deborah Woods

    Hi, I wanted to ask a question unrelated to this post but something in another post. I see that you have two sets of primary colors you use for dyeing. Is there a significant benefit to doing this? As in, are you able to achieve certain colors otherwise impossible with the regular primaries, or is it a step-saver for more easily creating cool or warm colors? Thanks, I’m just beginning to learn dyeing and looking for every bit of information I can. Oh, one other question about the cerulean blue…I’ve heard that color mentioned before and saw the fabrics you had dyed using it which are a really lovely blue…is that color achievable by mixing?

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