Stitch in the Ditch

I do a lot of “stitch in the ditch” with all of my machine quilted projects.


When I do stitch in the ditch next to something long and straight I like to leave my feed dogs up and let the machine do the walking for me. My BERNINA QE 750 has an even feed foot that acts a lot like a walking foot. In fact I have never found that I need to use the walking foot when I use this even feed foot when stitching in the ditch along long straight lines.

I also like to bury my threads when I am machine quilting. That is one of the reason that I bring my bobbin thread up to the top of the quilt before I start quilting.

FA-freemotion2I will tie off the top and bobbin thread when I am done quilting and use a self threading needle to bury them in the quilt sandwich.

BUT when I am working on a quilt that will ONLY hang on the wall I don’t always bother burying the threads I use my cutting option on my sewing machine.



FA-freemotion5Most of us have these options on our machines now and it makes it so easy to program the machine to make a knot and then cut the threads. I do this all the time, who looks at the back of our wall pieces anyway!

We are so lucky to have these fabulous machines to play with aren’t we?



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