Steam setting is good for the pores

After I have finished designing my fused quilt tops and before I layer them with batting and backing fabric to make them into a quilt sandwich, I make sure I steam set the fused quilt surface.

This sets the fusible web. Nothing will peal up after I steam set the top.

Watch along –

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Steam set fused quilt top

Don’t forget to leave your comments for a chance to win the tablet keeper directions and fabric. I will announce the winner Monday.

14 responses on “Steam setting is good for the pores

  1. Liz Renner

    Well, I’d love to win the drawing. I’ve followed your progress since the 2003 (or there abouts)class you taught in the Tri-Cities, WA. I love your work and am using a silk hand-dye fabric in one of my quilts. I’m thinking of you as I sew…

  2. patchouli moon studio

    Not sure if this is the spot to leave my comment for the tablet drawing? There was no comment place at the end of your Rambling Rose spot where you asked to leave a comment. Anyhow, The Rambling Rose is just gorgeous!

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