Spring – Daffodils

We are having rain storms. In general this is a good thing.

We had a really dry summer and fall last year and not enough snow this winter and so we need the moisture.

All this rain has of course brought on SPRING!!!!! YA









My daffodils are up and blooming.









I just received a commission from an art lover in sunny California, where I don’t think they have daffodils, for a version of my daffodils quilt.

I thought I would share the process with you.

Why reinvent the wheel, I just used my own pattern “DAFFODILS” to make my customer her own version of my quilt “Spring’s Greeting”.

Spring's Greeting 40" x 50" cotton and silk.
Spring’s Greeting
40″ x 50″ cotton and silk.











I used my hand dyed silk chareumse for the flowers and it turned out lovely. Don’t you think?









The customer told me she really likes turquoise, so the border as all turquoise.

I found it very enjoyable to remake this quilt. Sometimes it is great to revisit old projects. Do you ever do that?

Here are more process pictures. Daffodils pattern.

Daffodils pattern




















machine quilting the daffodils







machine quilting the background with silk thread  









I really like the process of machine quilting. Do you?

I am working on a big project that will be revealed very soon. So please stay tuned.

Happy Quilting to you this weekend.


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