Spring Cleaning – Or how not to work!!

Once in a while I clean my studio.

Alas it never stays that way….

I would rather be working then cleaning up, but it always feels so fresh and nice to have a clean studio.

















Frieda Anderson clean studio



















I also collect other artist work that is displayed in my studio.

As well as an ever expanding pincushion collection.

FAcleanstudio10 FAcleanstudio9 FAcleanstudio11














Look what I found while cleaning up.









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If you leave me your comments I will put your name in the hat for a free give a way this week. I spool of Maderia #30 weight rayon and a fat quarter of hand dyed fabric from ME.
Happy Spring Cleaning.

16 responses on “Spring Cleaning – Or how not to work!!

    1. Dina

      Don’t feel so bad now. I am also in the process of cleaning up so I can get back in there and start again. Giving away old patterns and books for our quilt guild who sells them at our big quilt show in the fall. Also trying to figure our a new way to store my fabric that is more organized. That’s for your sharing. Also love that George is helping you.

  1. Lisa

    Frieda, Thanks for sharing the mess and clean. You have a beautiful studio! So much lovely color and space and a wonderful companion as well. I’m sure he was very happy to be found!

  2. Becky Hall

    Great timing to see the spring cleaning blog tour – it’s what’s on my plate this week, too. Thanks for your inspiring photos – maybe I’ll find my cat!

  3. Suzi Smith

    You have a great studio to do all the creative ideas your heart desires. Now its time to clean up my room… just needed all the inspiration.

  4. Lyn Ennis

    We moved two years ago and before we moved in they decided that the garage apartment that I planned on making my studio had mold so they did what they call mold abatement! They removed everything 4 feet up! Even the subfloor! It has been a slow process but I am hoping to move in this summer! You are all so inspiring! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  5. Regina B Dunn

    It’s very helpful to see your studio. I just moved into my first one a few days ago and am still buying second-hand furniture and organizing all my stuff. How lucky we are to have our spaces.

  6. Cheryl

    I’m getting ready to move my studio into a larger space, so I’m hoping it will stay a little bit cleaner once I’m done with my move. But I also know that may be unrealistic!

  7. Diane

    Thanks for the chance to win – here in Canada it is still winter with 6 feet of snow on the front lawn so lots of time inside for spring cleaning.

  8. Ilene Floyd

    Love George’s pic with the stuff on the floor. My cat, Katsy, does the same thing. He loves to sleep in my sewing room while I sew. 🙂

  9. Pam

    Clean or messy, your studio is wonderful eye candy! It must be a joy to go in there everyday! Thanks for your books and your blog. You and Laura are responsible for a lot of the delightful mess in my sewing room.

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