Some more quilts….

Having just judged a show at PIQF in California, I was interested to see the judges choices at this show in Houston.

Some of their choices were just OBVIOUS, but there were of course quilts that I would have picked that they didn’t. 

I had an interesting conversation with a very famous quilter, (you guess who) who told me that she entered a quilt last year that didn’t get in, but it did this year. Jurors choices. The point is NEVER give up in yourself.Here are a few more quilts that struck my fancy.

davidtaylor1 davidtaylor2 davidtaylor3















This Quilt was just amazing, such a fresh, happy joint effort by four Japanese women.

gatheringheartyroses2 gatheringheartyroses3 gatheringheartyroses1









forestoflife1 forestoflife2 forestoflife3




You know me I LOVE tree imagery in quilts and this was a wonderful updated version of the traditional pine tree pattern. Japanese of course.

Gail Garber has done a wonderful post over on her blog about the two miniature category. Go take a look.Laura’s quilt is shown.

You can also see some of the art quilts over at Deborah’s Journal.

It is so interesting to me how we all look at the quilts so differently. LOVE LOVE LOVE that about all us quilters.


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