Sodium Carbonate

Summer is in full bloom. The sky is a beautiful clear blue, the grass is lush green and the birds are singing all the time and emptying my feeder. My hummingbirds are very active all day at my sugar feeders. I love summer.

Summer is also the time to stock up on one of my main fabric dyeing supplies.

Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate is a key component in dyeing with Procion MX dyes. Sodium carbonate is the mordant that makes the dye bond with the plant fiber in the fabrics that I dye. It also is an element used in keeping swimming pools clean and clear. I like to buy this ingredient here at home rather than have it shipped with my dyes from the dye companies. It’s just a matter of convenience for me and cost. Since I have to pay for shipping by the pound from the dye companies and the sodium carbonate comes in 1-5 lb containers it only makes sense to buy it locally.

So I am stocking up now while pool supplies are abundant at the local stores. I buy my SC usually at Menard’s, but you can also find it at other places like Walmart, Home Depot or a pool supply store. Menard’s is the closest to my house and I like that store for other home items, so I shop there the most often.

I just bought 18 lbs of it in 4.5 lb tubs. That should last me through until next summer. Now to go dye something.

Sodium Carbonate

Frieda's hand dyed fabric

3 responses on “Sodium Carbonate

  1. Michelle Perkins

    Hi Frieda
    I love your colors! They are very beautiful and vibrant!
    When I dye fabric I use Pro MX Reactive Dyes and Soda Ash. Have you always used Sodium Carbonate? Does it work better than Soda Ash. I have never tried it.

    Thank you

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