Soda Ash

Well here it is almost the end of the summer. It sure did go fast, didn’t it?

Every year towards the end of the summer I try to remember to buy a few things that will be gone once the cool weather arrives. Soda Ash or Sodium Carbonate and pool noodles.

I use the Sodium Carbonate to soak my fabrics in before I dye them. This is the fixative that makes the dye and the cotton fiber bond. While it doesn’t go on sale at the end of the summer, it does disappear from the shelves for about six months while we experience winter here in the north, so I like to stock up. It is used as an additive for keeping swimming pools clean or something. Sure I can order it from the dye companies and sometimes I do, but they charge me by the pound to ship stuff so it is always cheaper┬áto just buy it at the local big box hardware stores. These come from Menard’s.

I also like to set in a stock of new pool noodles. These DO go on sale at the end of the summer. I use these to wrap my quilts around. I cover them in fabric and roll my quilts around them. Somehow I always seem to need more. Well I guess that’s because I am always making more quilts.

I hope everyone’s summer has been great, I know mine has.

Pool noodles and Sodium Carbonate


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